1. You are not managing the stress in your life -stress keeps weight on especially the hard to shift weight around the middle
  2. You’re Not Sleeping Well – lack of good quality sleep keeps us yearning for high carb foods
  3. You’re Not Cutting Back on fast releasing carbs such as white bread, sweets and cakes
  4. You’re Eating Too Often – only eat when you are actually hungry – we are not cows so we don’t need to graze all day long
  5. You’re Not Drinking Water – so simple and many people are dehydrated and mistake thirst for hunger
  6. You’re Drinking Too Much Alcohol – most people under estimate their alcohol intake by at least 25%
  7. You’re Not Eating Mindfully – so if you eat your meals watching TV or looking at  your phone – chances are you will overeat.
  8. You Have a Medical Condition That is Making Things Harder – perhaps you need to get your thyroid checked or if you are very stressed you may need to get your adrenals checked
  9. You have  food allergies or food intolerance’s
  10. You are eating too little
  11. Your Expectations Are Unrealistic
  12. You’re Not Keeping Track of What You’re Eating – keep a food log for 5 days and be totally honest with yourself
  13. You’re Too Focused on “Dieting” rather nurturing your body
  14. You’re Not Eating Enough Protein – which is a very common mistake
  15. You’re Eating Too Many high calorie low nutrient dense foods
  16. You’re Not Eating enough Whole Foods – get back to basics and leave the packaged foods in the supermarket
  17. You’re Not Lifting Weights – great way to tone up and also to boost metabolism
  18. You’re Binge Eating (Even on Healthy Food)
  19. You’re Not exercising or exercising enough
  20. You’re Still Drinking Sugar

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