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I am looking for a total of 10 ladies, over 18 years of age, to take part in my second 35 Day Healthy Habits Kickstart Programme starting Monday the 12th of March in Tramore. This Kickstart programme is for you if:-

  • You like the idea of a small intimate group
  • You want to learn how to lose weight the holistic way –  I  focus on how you eat, move, think and sleep
  • If you feel you need a Kickstart to get you going
  • You like the idea of a series of small sustainable changes over a period of time
  • You need to be held accountable
  • You are fed  up eating the same foods all the time and would like practical tips on introducing a variety of wholefoods into your diet
  • You want to learn more about nurturing your body
  • You feel you know what you should be doing but struggle to eat well consistently

Simply Click here fill in your details to register your interest or for more information.  You can also call or text me on 086-806782.

Cost per person €120. This programme is limited to 10 people so first come first served. The group sessions will take place in Tramore, venue to be decided.

Well done to my fabulous Stradbally group of  Wellness Warriors who took the plunge and signed up for the very  first 35 day Healthy Habits Kickstart Programme back in January.

The girls had initially joined to group to shed the pounds but also wanted to learn more about the holistic approach to weight loss -focusing on eating healthier, nurturing their bodies for energy and vitality and understand more about wholefoods and a balanced diet.   Our first meeting look place in the GAA Hall in Stradbally on the 15th January and it finished up on the 19th February. We met 6 Mondays in a row. We shared stories, swapped recipes and tips. I gave talks on a number of different subjects around wholefoods, healthy weight loss, energy and vitality, sugar cravings, food and mood, importance of sleep and hydration.  The programme was simple, focused and to be honest lots of fun.

Anyone who knows me will know by now I don’t believe in gimmicks or fads. I help clients make and maintain healthy habits that stick long term.  Not only do I focus on educating clients and providing the most up to date scientific based information, I also put a huge focus on guiding and supporting clients through change.  This is where I stand out from the rest.  Information, no matter how relevant,  is useless if you cannot translate it into action.  So I include a huge amount of support around behavioural change, including goal setting, positive mindset and accountability in this programme. Everyone went home with a healthy habits tracking sheet on day one, which was tailored to each person individually and was revised each week. The girls joined a private on line forum I set up especially for them so they had me on tap for guidance, support and information for the duration of the 35 day programme.

I am thrilled to report in the 35 days the 6 participants were down over 50 pounds between them, which was a great achievement. Everyone in the group totally embraced the programme. They came to lose weight but gained sooo much more. Here are some of the comments from the girls at the final meeting last week…..

“This is the first time in my life I tried to lose weight and did not once feel hungry”

“I really started to get into it once my energy levels began to soar”

“I never thought I could cut out sugar for 6 weeks – thanks for much for the support”

“I am much more aware of what foods I should be eating –  I never realised how much processed foods and sugar I actually ate”

“I am making a conscious effort to go to bed earlier as I now see how a lack of sleep affects my mood and energy”

“I am looking at food much differently now.  There are so many foods I was not even aware of, that I am eating much more of now”

“I never realised how much sugar is in the foods that we eat.”

“I am eating so many more vegetables and nuts and really enjoying them.”

“The meal plans were great, I dipped in and out of them all the time and the simple snack suggestions got me through the day without any sugar cravings.”

“It’s all about not been hungry – I was definitely eating all the wrong foods and I never knew.”

Thanks girls for the lovely comments. I am delighted to say that the girls have started their own wellness group and continue to meet up and support each other every week in Stradbally.

So don’t delay, register your interest above as spaces fill up fast.

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