Well done to everyone who took part in the recent no sugar challenge!

It is great that so many of you have really benefitted from the No Sugar Challenge and thank you for all the lovely public and private messages. Great to hear such positive feedback as this is a brand new challenge for me.  I am genuinely delighted I have helped make a difference and that so many of you are feeling the benefits of cutting down on sugar.  It was great that I could reach out a large group in such a short time.

So based on the success of the challenge, I am offering everyone who took part a unique opportunity to join me for my first Group On-Line Programme – The 35 Day Healthy JUMPSTART

picture for 35 day jump start on line

The 35 Day Healthy JUMPSTART will support you in making a number of small, simple changes to your diet and lifestyle.

In 5 weeks you will have

  • more energy

  • better mood and focus

  • less cravings

  • weight loss*

*Average weight loss 10- 12 pounds  

The 35 Day Healthy JUMPSTARTis an online group programme. It will be more in-depth than the challenge you just completed, which was a taster of what I do. I will spend a lot of time in the group supporting and coaching, answering your questions and ensuring accountability and follow through. There will be weekly action steps, commitments and sheets for you to complete.   I will use private Messenger, Facebook, podcasts and WhatsApp to reach out to the group. You are not tied to turning up at a particular time every week.  It doesn’t matter where you live.  You can work this programme around your working hours and family life.

As a qualified health coach and behaviour change expert I have 6+ years’ experience in supporting clients through change.  I already know the obstacles you will meet before you even begin and I have all the skills to support you to deal with them. I will help you discover your inner brilliance so you can come out the other side feeling a much healthier, happier you!!

 The 35 Day Healthy JUMPSTART is for you if:-

  • You are overweight or obese
  • Your body shape has changed and you are carrying extra weight around the tummy area
  • You struggle to get out bed in the mornings and have less energy than you used to
  • You find it very hard to resist sweet foods and crave sugar
  • You have a family history of obesity, diabetes and heart disease and are concerned about your future health
  • You have tried in the past to eat healthier and given up
  • You want to bridge the gap between what you know and what you do

Nutrition and Lifestyle – topics covered

(see end of page of more details)

  • Changing to a wholefood diet – made simple
  • Healthy Eating Plate
  • All about Protein
  • Bring back the fat!
  • Slow Carbs for All Day Energy
  • Meal timings and Frequency, Intermittent Fasting
  • Hydration, Alcohol and Smoothies
  • Eating mindfully
  • Emotional eating
  • All about sleep hormones and belly fat
  • Stress management

However… All the guides and handouts are useless unless you put the information into practise!!

How many e-books have you downloaded that sit untouched on your phone or computer?  How many times have you said I will start next Monday? This programme will literally get you off the fence and into action.

We will work together to help you transform with the help of:-

  • Group Coaching through Facebook and WhatsApp. I will also answer questions directly to you on messenger.
  • Weekly Coaching Podcasts to keep you motivated and on track
  • Detailed Support Sheets covering all the topics mentioned above
  • Twice Daily coaching messages into your in box – daily reminders!
  • Lots more resources to support you

The 35 Day Healthy JUMPSTART will kick off  on Monday 27th January and finish on Sunday the1st March. There is a limit on the number of places in the group.

How much does35 Day Healthy JUMPSTART cost?

  • All-Day Energy,
  • Slimmer You,
  • Mellow Moods
  • Zero Cravings

Programme cost is  €89, payable in advance


Get in contact with me

Click here to Message me on Facebook

Click here to Book your Spot on the programme

Phone or text me  086-8067832  or E mail Helen@help2healthnutrition.ie

Programme starts Monday 27th January 2020

Places are limited so book your spot early!


Nutrition and Lifestyle – topics covered – details

  1. Full run down on the benefits of eating Whole Foods with complete Wholefood Listing and Portion Sizes. You will discover how much food you need to eat. I will include 15 Whole foods recipes that are easy to make with complete nutrient and calorie breakdown.
  1. Specific details of meal timings and frequency – you will learn exactly when is the best time to eat to support a healthy blood sugars, energy and weight loss.
  1. Introduction of my simple concept Healthy Eating Plate – this will show you how to create a healthy meal in minutes and ensure you are including all food groups
  1. All about Protein – detailed information on how to balance your meals with protein to keep hunger at bay with recipes ideas
  1. Bring back the fat!! –  you will learn why you need fat, the best sources, great tips to add good fat back into your diet. Most clients I meet don’t get enough fat in their diet which leads cravings, hormonal issues and brain fog.
  1. Introduction of Low GL foods (Glycaemic Load) – why you need them to boost energy, reduce cravings and lose the belly fat.
  • Fast releasing carbs sugars and white Flour – how to avoid them and what to eat instead
  • Slow releasing carbs – food listings with portion sizes, meal ideas, recipes
  • Fruit and Vegetables – why you need them, practical tips, ideas and recipes to help you eat more.
  1. Snack Smart – tasty snack ideas for all day energy and weight loss
  • 24 Healthy Wholefood Snacks and Light Meal Ideas
  • 20 Snacks (100 Calories each)
  1. Beverages – Guidelines for caffeine and alcohol and water. Simple tips to increase your water intake and reduce alcohol intake. Smoothie Recipes to balance hormones
  1. Tips on eating mindfully and eating less
  1. How to recognise and deal with emotional eating
  1. All about sleep and how it impacts on your hormones and belly fat and how to improve your sleep
  2. Links between stress, sugar cravings and weight and practical tips and support sheets on stress management