Reducing both obvious and hidden sugars from the diet is one of the most effective things that we can do for our health. Going ‘cold turkey’ can be tough for a few weeks but our bodies adjust and we will get fewer cravings. Also, our taste buds adjust and we are able to appreciate the flavour and variation of whole foods much more. By cutting back your usage of all types’ sugar, you are making it much easier to enjoy the variety of flavours which comes from eating real food.

Sugar comes in so many disguises.  So when you are checking out the ingredient list of a food item sugar can appear many times. The higher up the list it is, the more sugar it contains.  One easy way to spot sugar is to look for any ingredient ending in ‘ose’ and it is more than likely sugar.  Print off the image below and stick it up on the fridge as a reminder.

56 names for sugar