post exercising summertime 2

Previous summer months consistent exercise has being a bit hit and miss for me. I would lose a certain amount of fitness over the summer and it would take until October to really get back into it. Does that ring a bell? Now that all my chlidren are just about teenagers I can’t use no child minding as an excuse. What a pity! For the month of July this year I made a few changes to how I exercise that i want to share with you.
1. As soon as you come back from holidays no matter how unmotivated you feel get straight back into your usual exercise routine. I went back to the gymn the follow morning after coming home from holidays…which I would never have done before. I did something light and short. I did the same for the following 2 excuses and by day 4 I was well back on track. It’s about getting back into the HABIT.
2. Try a new exercise over the Summer..We all can get bored of the old routine. I started both spinning and sea swimming and now love them both.I love swimming but tended to always pick the gymn over the water which is a bit crazy really. I now even look forward to the swim or the spin which is a good turnaround! What could you try this month..cycling perhaps on our beautiful greenway?
3. If you struggle to get out on your own drag along a friend. Turn your exercise into a social event.
4. Be prepared to make a show of yourself and not care. Now that you saw me in a wetsuit you can understand what I mean! So if you have not swam, cycled, ran, whatever in years and deep down would love too but think you are too unfit, fat, old, nervous, anxious. .JUST DO IT.
5. Set up your environment in a way that makes it as easy as possible for you to make that choice to exercise. Simply leaving the tracksuit at the end of the bed or the runners at the front door the night before can help. Do not put obstacles in your way.
6. Be aware of your self talk and the excuses. Your conscious mind will talk you out of it….it is too cold, too wet, too late, too early, I will go tomorrow instead. Your conscious mind does not like change and wants to keep everything the same event though your gut or instinct knows what is best for you. I am learning more to ignore the thoughts and the excuses, not to identify with them and listen more to my gut..the deeper feelings which will connect you to your personal WHY to exercise.
Hope this helps in some small way. Hxx