Banish Sugar Cravings, Boost Energy, Lose Weight (average 12 pounds)  with my 

40 Days one to one programme


Uncover my simple easy to follow formula to kick the sugar habit

You will not get this information from weight control clinics or from your doctor.



Introducing A Simple 40 Day Programme that will kick your Sugar Habit for good. You can start this programme at any time!

40 days to no more cravings 3rd feb 2020


My 6 week programme will help you off the sugar, have you eating proper meals and whole foods, boost your energy levels and lose weight. Here are some of the benefits of a wholefood diet:

  • No more belly bloating
  • No more brain fog
  • Increased energy levels
  • Balanced moods
  • Clearer skin
  • Better stress management
  • More Self Control over Sugar
  • On average clients lose 12 pounds in 40 days. (Client who renew programmes have lost 2+ stone)

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The  6 week programme will focus on:

1. Supporting a healthy blood sugar balance through dietary change

  •  Which foods you need to eat to support a healthy blood sugar balance
  •  Which foods you need to avoid
  • Understand is is not just WHAT you eat but also WHEN you eat
  • Learn how to best combine food groups to keep cravings at bay
  • Understand the importance of low GL foods to prevent sugar spikes
  • Discover the superfoods that prevent sugar cravings and practical tips on how to use them
  • Alternatives to sugar so you do not feel deprived

2.  Supporting a healthy blood sugar balance through lifestyle change

  • Learn the lifestyle factors that support a healthy blood sugar balance

3.  Boosting Your Energy

  • The foods and habits that may be boosting or depleting your energy levels
  • Simple tips to start improving your energy today
  • The way you start your morning can have a big impact on your energy throughout the day
  • Tips to avoid the 3 pm slump

4. Identify the links between your sugar craving and your hormones.

  • Learn how stress, caffeine, alcohol and lack of sleep can increase your cravings  and what you can do about it.
  • Learn the role of the hormones insulin, cortisol, leptin and grehlin on controlling cravings
  • Understand why your sugar habit is not your fault.

5.  Mindful Eating And Portion Control 

  • Discover ways to get a better handle on portion control without feeling deprived
  • Learn what mindful eating is and how it can help with weight loss and overall health
  • Simple tips on how to practise mindful eating

  6. Menu-Planning For Success

  • Why planning ahead is absolutely crucial to keep hunger pangs at bay
  • Simple tips for meal planning especially for the busy days and weeks
  • Your emergency food pack to avoid cravings when away from home
  • Planning for busy weeks
  • Meal ideas and recipes to support a healthy blood sugar balance
  • Comprehensive guide to healthy breakfasts
  • The essentials for healthy cooking and store cupboard essentials.

7.  Deciphering Food Labels Made Easy 

  • How processed foods fuel food cravings
  • How to spot the hidden sugars in processed foods
  • Tips to make label reading easier
  • How to start with simple changes

8.  Mindset And Habits For Powerful Change

  • Identifying the thoughts and actions that may be keeping you ‘stuck’
  • How to take a step back and shift your mindset and attitude

9.  Supercharged Goal Setting

  • How to get crystal clear on your goals
  • Figuring out your WHY
  • Setting SMART short-term and long-term goals
  • Weekly Action steps

10. Exercise Strategies To Maximize Results

  • Easy ways to get started with exercise and get into the right mindset
  • How to maximize results without spending hours at the gym
  • Common roadblocks to exercise with simple solutions

Total cost of this 6 week programme is €220.00

Price includes:

  • Health status review and body composition – you complete an initital questionnaire for me
  • One to One support -we meet face to face day 1, day 10, day 20, day 30 and day 40.
  •  food diary reviews throughout the programme
  • 10 day weight monitoring if required
  • Client fact sheets and information sheets on topics as outlined above
  • 6 weeks of professional education, guidance and support to answer questions and queries
  • Access to a private group Facebook Page for support – sharing with others on the same journey as you

This programme is suitable for you if:

  • You have sugar cravings.
  • You have tried in the past to get off sugar and nothing has worked for you.
  • If you struggle to lose weight and keep it off
  • If you have put on weight recently around the middle
  • If you are menopausal or perimenopausal
  • You are ready and fully committed now to changing your daily habits
  • You have access to  a computer, tablet or phone to download  and open and access information.
  • If you need a solution that will fit into  your busy life
  • You would like a programme that you can do from home –  we can do sessions via skype or over the phone.

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Looking forward to educating, guiding, supporting and inspiring you to better health.

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Introducing The Simple System that will kick your Sugar Habit and Change Your Life … 



I have compiled a 6 week online programme that will get off the sugar, have you eating proper meals and whole foods, boost your energy levels and lose your Christmas weight. Here are some of the benefits of a wholefood diet: