When the sun it out just get out and soak up the rays NOW!!.


Living in the Northern Hemisphere and in particular here in Ireland sunshine is the exception rather than the rule. So when the sun is out it is in all our best interests to soak up a few rays.
boost your Vitamin D

Our understanding of Vitamin D has been revolutionised in the last 20 years with a vast amount of research demonstrating the key role Vitamin D  plays in a number of systems of the body. Up to now we have underestimated the diverse role vitamin D plays in our health. Studies shows that we have receptor cells for vitamin D on the outside wall of most of the cell types in our bodies, which means that many of our organs need and have a use for Vitamin D.  Vitamin D acts more like a hormone in our body rather than a vitamin. It regulates our calcium levels, supports bone growth, density and strength, it regulates how our cells develop, supports a healthy immune system, it supports a healthy blood sugar balance and regulates blood pressure. So we need Vitamin D not just for growth and for our bones and muscles,  we also  need it to protect us from illnesses and disease for example cancer, strokes and heart disease.

Dietary sources of Vitamin D are limited so to boost our Vitamin D levels we need to expose our skin to sunshine for at least 10 minutes everyday (if possible) in order for our bodies to make it’s own Vitamin D . If sunscreen is applied then this process will simply not occur. Skin can be protected from the inside using our natural internal sunscreens such as vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin E and lycopene from our foods. This is very important as there is increasing incidents of childhood rickets in Australia due to children being completely protected from the sun using wetsuit type head to toe clothing.

So my advice to EVERYONE young and old is get outdoors and  expose your skin.  I can hear the protests – what about the harmful sun rays and skin cancer – are you mad, go out without sun cream?  My advice is be sensible – don’t expose your skin too long so it burns – 10 minutes without sun cream is all you need.  As a breast cancer survivor I am fully aware of the risks of  sun damage to our skins but I also know  sufficient levels of Vitamin D is cancer protective and many of us do not have adequate levels in the northern hemisphere.  So go on pull up your sleeves and go out and enjoy the rays that come our way.

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The little things that make a big difference.


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