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According to research we spend 40% of our day doing habitual things. First, there are the conscious habits, those we intentionally do, like getting in the car to go to work. Then there are many unconscious habits, those that have become automated, like brushing our teeth or drinking coffee or eating snacks whilst watching TV. …

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A brilliant tip to ensuring the healthy habits last

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Do you struggle to stick to a healthy routine? Do you find you do relatively OK earlier on in any diet or lifestyle programme and then after a while  all your good intentions go out the window? That’s totally normal. There are lots and lots of simple things  you can do for yourself that can help you  change your habits or help you take up a new behaviour …

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  I can help you Banish Sugar Cravings and Regain Control of your health with my signature 6 week programme   Uncover my simple easy to follow formula to kick the sugar habit You will not get this information from weight control clinics or from your doctor.   Give yourself a few minutes to answer a few …