According to research we spend 40% of our day doing habitual things. First, there are the conscious habits, those we intentionally do, like getting in the car to go to work. Then there are many unconscious habits, those that have become automated, like brushing our teeth or drinking coffee or eating snacks whilst watching TV.

Our habits, both those we’re conscious and unconscious of, have the potential to empower or disempower our lives. In other words, our habits can help us feel great or make us feel lousy. The problem with habits is that the bad ones are hard to break and the good ones are hard to make. Why? Because your brain has been wired to repeat them and it takes effort and huge awareness to change those connections. But the effort is worth it. Accumulate little mini-wins throughout the day. Baby steps. Slow and steady wins the race.

So for the week ahead take baby steps. Celebrate every time you have a mini-win. Give yourself a mental high five — an inner nod and way of saying “good job!” Acknowledge your small victories and you’ll build the confidence to tackle the bigger challenges. I do it all the time! Mini win no toast for breakfast. Mini win green tea instead of coffee. Mini win apple instead of a chocolate bar. Mini win 4 portion of veg with dinner instead of 2. Mini win popcorn instead of crisps. Mini-wins build momentum. Don’t take it too seriously – enjoy the journey. If you have fun through the process, your mini-wins will translate to big wins in no time.