Last week I had the opportunity of spending a couple of days with a team of experts from leading nutritionist Patrick Holford’s organisation Zest4life.  The focus was on learning ways we can better support our clients to overcome obstacles and move forward, so they can lead a happier, healthier and a more fulfilling lives.  Once again it  was great to get that affirmation that I am on the right path in how I run my consultations with clients.  Here is a few take home points of interest:-

We all underestimate the amount of time and commitment it takes to change a habit.

Who starts great on a Monday morning and it begins to slide by Thursday, gone to pot by Saturday and start again the following Monday?

Only a small proportion of the population are naturally disciplined –  (16%)

So  if you had disciplined person a meal plan or a prescription for change they will just go off and do whatever they are meant to do.  Most of us are not made like that.

 We need the guidance and the support….

To change our behaviour and thus create habits that are long term, the majority of us need someone to literally hold us by the hand and personally guide and support us along the way.  So most of us  (86%) need professional help to make our habits stick.

To change our habits we need to be held accountable…..

So rather than just asking someone to do something and send them on their merry way, we need commitment for the when, the how, the what, the where and why?

We cannot underestimate the power of listening.  

Only by really listening to our clients for what they are actually saying, can we as professionals better serve you.  Do you know what most of us listen to reply.  In your personal life, amongst family and friends, when have you last sat down, cleared your mind and listened without interruptions to what someone is saying to you.   If we did, the world would be a better place!

 We need a vision.

How can we know where we want to go when we don’t know what our destination feels and looks like. Completing this sentence for yourself

‘If my life was perfect I would wake up feeling….’      could be a good place to start.

Finally we can all challenge our old beliefs.

Most of them are hand me downs from our parents and the people we grew up  with.  Beliefs can be changed to clear the path to you reaching your health goals.  Maybe you were told years ago you are ‘big framed’ one, the ‘not sporty’ one or the one ‘who had a huge appetite’. Our beliefs are only thoughts that we insist on thinking and the majority of them are false and could be holding us  back.