Workplace Wellness

My experience as a qualified nutrition, health and wellness coach and my expertise in behaviour change will add
both the professional and very personal touch to your Health and Wellness week. I also have a degree in Business and Marketing, years experience in business management in the corporate sector and excellent IT skills,  so if needed I can provide additional support in promoting your corporate health & well being programmes. I give nutrition and health and wellness talks and workshops to local businessesschools and sporting organisations.  Click here for more information about me.


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Clients I have worked

Rigneydolphin Group , Irish Dental Association, Ard Scoil Na Mara Secondary School Tramore,  Foroige Youth Groups, Tramore Racecourse, Tony Forristal GAA Team, Supervalu Tramore, 3 Sisters Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Team,  Work Out with Martina

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Services for Corporate Clients

1. ‘Healthy Stop’ stand in the workplace

These are perfect for Breaks and Lunch Times.  This is a great opportunity to engage with employees, give professional guidance and support and answer questions.   I can provide leaflets, tips and advice on a whole range of topics and a sample of them are as follows:-

  • Simple but brilliant tips and guides on how to plan meals and snacks for a busy week ahead
  • How to eat for all day energy
  • Tasty and Healthy Snacks that will keep sugar cravings at bay and keep you satisfied
  • Essentials for healthy Cooking
  • 10 Steps to healthy Eating
  • Why water is so important and practical tips to drink more
  • The importance of sleep, how a lack of sleep affects your health and great tips to get into a good sleep routine
  • The best foods to eat when on shift work for energy and focus
  • How to avoid the 3pm slump.
  • Foods to boost your mood
  • Alternatives to sugar

I can also do a tasting stand with great healthy snack options, smoothies, nutrient dense energy balls, lunch ideas.

2. Nutrition and Health and Wellness Talks

Here are some examples of talks that are popular and work well both with large and smaller audiences:-

The importance of a whole food diet

My plate portion control

How sugar affects your health and simple tips and tricks to eat less
  • Refined sugar – a little on the science,   what it is and how our bodies use it
  • How sugar makes us fat and not fat
  • How much sugar are we actually eating and the hidden sugars
  • Sugar sweetened drinks
  • World Health Organisation Guidelines on Sugar intake
  • Introduction to the blood sugar rollercoaster
  • How sugar levels become unbalanced and how it affects our health
  • Links between sugar and stress
  • 15 steps to reduce sugar intake, increase energy levels and maintain a healthy weight


Eating for all day energy at work

Tired overworked business woman sleeps on laptop in office

  • Importance of a whole food diet
  • Introduction to my Healthy Eating Plate concept
  • Lots of recipes  and meal ideas for breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks
  • Organising and planning meals and snacks for the week ahead
  • Tips for eating well on the go and travelling with work
  • Ideas for a mobile snack pack
  • Tips for eating out and choosing healthy takeaways


Healthy Weight loss

Meal plans

  • Factors that are preventing you from losing weight
  • Why weight loss is NOT a maths problems and is not simply about balancing energy in an energy
  • How to lose weight and keep it off without deprivation or starvation
  • Links between fat gain and your hormones
  • Why you gain fat around your middle
  • Tips to banish food cravings for good
  • Portion sizes and control
  • Mindful eating to support weight loss
  • Common mindsets that are preventing you from losing weight.


Stress Management & Nutrition

corporate stress in the workplace

  • How stress impacts on us and how to spot the early signs
  • The links between stress and our food choices
  • How stress makes us fat
  • Supporting a healthy blood sugar balance to manage stress
  • How stress uses up nutrients and how to put them back into your diet
  • Dietary and Lifestyle advice on how to manage stress


3. Diet and Lifestyle, Health and Wellness  Consultations for staff 

The focus is on educating, guiding, supporting employees  either individually or in a small groups in creating long term healthy habits that last.  As a behaviour change specialist I spend a lot of time supporting clients through change. Some of my signature programmes that work well in a corporate setting are:

40 days to no more cravings (6 consultations)

35 days to healthy habits (6 consultations – this is ideal for groups up to 8-10 people)

12 week programme for  all day energy, boost mood and weight loss.  (Best suited for one to one private consultations).

Employees fill out a questionnaire in advance.  We decide on the duration of the consultations and each person will receive personalised, confidential dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Additional Marketing support if required

I have a degree in Business and Marketing, years experience in business management in the corporate sector and excellent IT skills,  so if needed I can provide additional support in promoting your corporate health & well being programmes.



Maurice O’Brien, President Irish Dental Association

As president for the south east branch of the Irish Dental Association I asked Helen to do a presentation on Mindfulness at our annual scientific meeting in Kilkenny on 23rd Feb 2018. Helen gave a talk on health and wellness, a journey of conscious choice, personal responsibility and self-directed care

The feeling from the members present was that Helen was an engaging speaker very professional in her approach to her subject and obviously passionate about her field of work. We found her topic interesting and would be happy to recommend helen to others for speaking events.

Danielle McCusker, HR Generalist, Rigneydolphin Group

Helen was recommend to me and I asked Helen to complete a presentation which would tie in with our Health and Wellness Week. The presentation was rolled out to different groups of around 20 employees over 2 days. The role that we are in can be very busy at times so Helen delivered a talk on Stress Management to our team. Helen delivered the presentation professionally and informatively and spoke about how to recognise stress and how to manage stress on a daily basis.

 The feedback from the talks was fantastic – the groups mentioned how they learned a lot and how they came out of the talk with new tips on how to manage stress both inside and outside of work. Helen was also able to answer any questions that the group may have had and was clearly passionate about the topic.

 I would highly recommend Helen for any events regarding Health and Wellness.


Martina Fanning, Fitness Coach and Owner of Workout with Martina

help2health nutrition

Workout with Martina had Helen out to Activate recently to give our ladies a talk on nutrition.  Helen is so natural , approachable and with a lifetime interest in sport she was the perfect nutrition coach for us. Her talk was informative, positive, easy to understand but most of all realistic!! The advice we got from our information evening was all good.  It included changes to our everyday eating that were easy to change, some things we already knew but needed to hear again and some we did not know .  Helen is superb at what she does and I would highly recommended her for any group nutrition talk or workshop.

For client testimonials click here

Give me a call Helen Byrne at  086-8067832  to discuss tailoring a package to suit your needs.