Our prices depend on the level of support you want and the number of consultations.

Our bespoke programmes start from  130 euro and are tailor-made to your needs


Typically a programme could include some or all of the following;


  • Full health review Including medical history, dietary and lifestyle habits
  • Body Composition – Review and monitoring weight, BMI, BMR, Hip to Waist Ratio
  • Food Diary Analysis Using our nutrition expertise and science based software
  • Specific Nutrition recommendations To control cravings, balance your hormones, support your heart, bones, digestive health, immune system and mental health
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Step by step guide to organising and planning meals that fit your lifestyle, including expert advice on food shopping, food labels, recognising the marketing gimmicks and trips to supermarkets.
  • Meal Ideas & Recipes – That are easy to follow, flexible, suit your tastes and skills
  • Goals and Action Steps Identify the end result you want, how to get you there and find out what gets in your way
  • Expert coaching – Stress management, quality sleep, work life balance
  • Ongoing Support and Guidance including phone reviews and check ins between consultations.