sugar cravings


Are you suffering the withdrawal symptoms of sugar? You may have a headache, maybe your cravings have a reached an all time high or perhaps you feel stressed and out of sorts. The best advise is to ride the storm – this will pass. Try some of the following to ease the discomfort:-
1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Eat protein foods with all your meals.
3. Have a small snack like apple slices with nut butter to fill the gap.
4. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest.
5. At this fragile time lean on family and friends for support and stay strong.
6. Remember the benefits of quitting sugar and eating more wholefoods – create your own vision for wellness.
7. Some of my clients find a hot bath with epsom salts helpful, which studies have suggested may help flush out environmental toxins.

It could be a few days or perhaps a little longer but you will feel brighter, clearer and better than ever, as each day without the white stuff gets easier. No more cravings, no more blood sugar roller coasters, no more sugar-related headaches or 3pm slumps.