For the days you are away from home, be it for work or pleasure, advance food preparation and meal planning is key to making the healthier food choices. I strongly believe this and preparation was a major keystone for me losing weight in the past. I am on the road a lot travelling for work, study and sporting events.  In the past I have fallen prey to petrol stations, coffee shops and drive thru’s because I was tired, stressed, hungry and unprepared and I needed a quick fix and needed it now. I used too tired, too busy, can’t think straight, as EXCUSES not to plan meals or snacks in advance. I thought these were valid reasons for me to scoff my face with junk foods including big macs, crisps and sweets.  I felt I deserved these treats away from home but this kept happening more and more often until it became an ingrained habit for me that has taken a long time to stop.  Even  today when I am in the car passing a petrol station a mental image pops up in my brain of coffee and a chocolate bar and I can feel a craving coming on. However now I am able to override this long before it gets translated into action that would sub consciously have me pulling into a petrol stations and before I would know it I would be downing 500 calories of crap in a flash. Does this ring a bell with you? Have you bad habits now that are getting in your way? We all do!!
I now have the skills – the nutrition knowledge, the health coaching and the right Mindset using NLP – to get over such hurdles and challenges to help me reach my health goals. And I want to share them with you. If you are struggling with your weight, have consistently low energy levels and feel overwhelmed as to where to start I can help you.
I am offering all tribe member’s a 30 minute free consultation. You are under no obligation whatsoever. Pick one area that is a big challenge for you right now in your diet/lifestyle. Do you have habits that are sabotaging your efforts –  night time snacking, difficulties eating right when on shift work, weekend over-eating, feeling the pressure when out socialising, trying to fit healthy eating into a hectic busy life?

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