Make the healthier party choices and boost your mood and energy.

 pig out

Before the party/event

  1. Don’t skimp earlier in the day to save calories for later – just eat wholefoods and avoid refined carbs during the day.
  2. Make sure you include some protein to balance your meals so you will have more energy and so you won’t be starving by the time you get to the party.
  3. Have a pre party smoothie – we could call it a premoothie! 250ml nut milk, 1 tablespoon of nut butter, 1/4 avocado, 2 dates, a handful spinach and 1/2
  4. Exercise as normal during the run up to Christmas and especially on the days that you indulge. If you are short on time just go for a brisk short walk or go up and down the stairs a few times! It all adds up!
  5. Are you bringing food to the party? Bring along a healthy option – you never know it might end up the hit of the night. And you will always have something you can eat. You don’t have to be the one bringing the dessert.


During the party/event

  1. Don’t hover around the food. You will only be tempted to graze. Move away from the food to the other side of the room. After a drink or two your barriers will drop and all those nibbles will be much more tempting.
  2. Hover around the person who is a healthy eater so you get inspired! You might have to ditch your friends!
  3. Don’t eat when mingling. Mindless eating piles on the pounds. If you are not enaged with your food you are not aware of how much food is going in.
  4. Drink a glass of water before you indulge. We can confuse thirst for hunger. Also it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to realise you are full.
  5. Be a taster – you don’t have to have everything and lots of it. Have a little of what you fancy.
  6. Use smaller plates – trick your brain. If you use a large plate for a small portion you will think you don’t have enough food and you will end up going back for seconds.
  7. Fill up on the greens and veggies first rather than the white carbs. This way you are filling yourself up with lots of fibre and nutrients that will keep you fuller for longer.
  8. Opt for the steamed, stir fried, lighter foods. Avoid the heavier creamy foods that will leave you feeling bloated. Food is meant to energise you not make you feel heavy and sluggish.
  9. Fill your plate and move away from the food so you are not eating mindlessly. You get it – MOVE AWAY from the food!
  10. Plan your indulgences – decide desserts you will have in advance and stick to it.
  11. Don’t submit to the pressure of wasting food – if you took too much leave it behind.
  12. Eat your food slowly. Chew! This gives time for the signals to get to the brain that you are satisfied.
  13. Stop eating when you are 80 % full. Get into the habit of always leaving a little room.  It takes practise to find the sweet spot.