Are any of the following 7 mindsets and ways of thinking sabotaging your weight loss efforts?


1. Are you that black or white thinker? Are you an all or nothing person?  

If you cannot get in your ten mile run you don’t bother doing a shorter workout. If you don’t have the right ingredients for the perfect meal you ring for a takeaway. If you don’t stick to your healthy eating plan on Monday and Tuesday you write off the rest of the week.  Don’t strive for perfection. It is not achievable nor sustainable long term. Shift your thinking to the middle ground.

2. Are you stuck relying on things that used to work for you in the past? 

Maybe in the past it was easy for you to lose weight. Maybe you just cut out a few meals or spent a few more evenings in the gym. Maybe now your body has changed. Maybe you are a little older now, your body is different and what worked for you in the past does not work anymore. Open up your mind to a new way of thinking and lots of new possibilities will just magically appear.

3. Are you full of excuses?

Excuses just keep you stuck in the pain of your present situation. Do you recognise any of these – I don’t have the time. I am too tired. I am too busy. I will do it next week, next month or sometime later. I am too stressed.  These are all ways of keeping you stuck in your present situation and preventing you from moving on with your life.

4. Are you waiting around for the motivation to kick in?

Motivation is a heightened sense of enthusiasm and energy and like all other emotions motivation comes and goes.  We cannot be on an emotional high all of the time. If you just rely on motivation to keep you going you are saying that you will only take action towards your weight loss goal when you feel like it. So what happens the rest of the time when you are not motivated? Those who succeed  in achieving long term weight loss are those that commit to action even on days they don’t feel like it and are not in the mood. So stop waiting for motivation to kick in – you could be waiting a while.

5. You are not willing to get uncomfortable. 

Change is messy and very uncomfortable, especially at the beginning because it involves new experiences and new ways of doing things. We underestimate the amount of time and commitment it takes to change our habits and adopt new ones. Success boils down to how badly you want something and at what price you are willing to pay for it. Those that succeed are more willing to get out of their comfort zone to achieve what they want.

6. Do you feel the pressure from others to keep the status quo?

We are all social creatures. We desire to be accepted by others and not to offend others that we come into contact with. This desire can sometimes prevent us from making the healthier choices. When did you last accept a drink, food or a snack just to please someone else? Make yourself a priority – you deserve it.

7. Are you over self-critical?

Do you compare yourself too harshly to others? Do you sometimes think that you are not good enough or not worthy? Be aware of these thoughts. Learn how to respond to them differently. Don’t allow these thoughts push you around.

So which of these mind sets are holding you back and preventing you from lasting change?

Do  you struggle with your weight? Do you suffer with low moods and  low energy levels?

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