I used to overeat big time at weekends.

By finish of work on a Friday I was already salivating about the wine, the pizza, the crisps and chocolate. For me it was a Friday ritual. Hey it was stressful week trying to keep all the balls in the air, so a little fast food, a sugar hit and some wine was my way of unwinding. Look I was ‘good’ most of the week so I felt I deserved it. That was my mind set.

However it did not stop at Friday. Friday just became the gateway for the rest of the weekend. One thing led to another and another. There was the Saturday morning cooked breakfast. You could not spoil the party and refuse it. Topped up with the crunchy bread rolls and coffee with the weekend newspapers in hand and maybe washed down with a couple of chocolate biscuits. Sher it was the weekend and I deserved it.  And on and on it went for the rest of the weekend. I went from the sugar highs to the energy lows that were fuelling my cravings all weekend. Because it was Friday, became because it was Saturday, became because it was Sunday. In my head, the weekend was a time where “normal rules” didn’t apply. It was a time to relax, put my feet up and indulge in the foods I craved and loved.

So I tried to get on top of it. I would cut myself a deal. Ok if I get to the gym at the weekend I can eat the crap. Ok if I eat less during the week I will have built up the calories to eat more at the weekend.  I probably half-starved myself during the week so I could have a bigger blow out at the weekends. I am not talking about massive over eating here. I am just talking about poor eating habits that became the norm and acceptable for me. My social circles did it. As far as I was concerned this is what normal people did at weekends and it was a way to let the hair down.

But overeating on poor quality food has consequences. I started to feel crap. As I got older I took me until Tuesday to really get over the Saturday night indulgences.  Aside from the extra weight and bloating, I would have headaches, night sweats and mood swings. I was literally sabotaging my weekday’s hard work and setting myself up for a future of health problems.

I had to make changes and make them fast for health reasons. As a start I had to change my relationship with food and alcohol. So below are some of the mind set changes I made that stay with me today:-

1. I stopped trying to be perfect all the time. Aim to be good enough in the situation you find yourself. When I tried too hard I inevitably failed. Black and white thinking did not serve me.

2. I let my true hunger guide me. I became more aware of my hunger signals. I recognised the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger. I began to listen to my body and was more aware of my body’s nutritional needs.

3. I gave up on the cheat meals and cheat days because that did not work for me. The concept of a cheat meals or referring to food as sins was of no help.  There is no good food or bad food.  Food is just food. There was no more being good or bad or feeling guilty about what I ate.

4. I became responsible for my food choices. I took ownership of my actions. In the past I blamed the social life, the parties, the busy schedule, the demanding kids, the friends. When you blame someone or something else you are taking away your choice and your power. The book had to stop with me and no one else. Not my kids, my family, my friends, my life.  So by accepting responsibility you accept the outcome of your actions.  You’re free to eat and drink anything you want. You choose your behaviour. Just remember that different choices produce different outcomes.

5. I stopped making justifications for my actions. I stopped the mind talk that let me off the hook because it was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I began to ask myself why I was overeating. I would check in on myself, pause and ask was I stressed, angry, tired or unhappy?

So I could do this because I am professionally trained in behavioural change. I am also qualified in nutrition and lifestyle change.  It is difficult to do it on your own without the right guidance and support. And believe me there is no best time to start eating better. Not tomorrow; not on Monday. Our life is short. We need to value our health, right here, right now.

So a few questions….

So do you struggle to eat well a lot of the time and particularly at weekends and when you are out of your routine? Do you struggle to maintain a healthy weight? Have tried with success to control your eating habits in the past without success? Are your energy levels and mood lower than they used to be? Has a health professional told you recently that you need to change  your diet and lifestyle for health reasons? Do you feel that your poor habits are affecting your ability to reach your health goals?

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This is a no strings attached 30 minute talk with me. I expect nothing in return. Let me help you take perfect off the table. Let me help you change your mindset about food and about your health and well being. Let me help you start today, start now making small sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle that will last a lifetime. So make that call today, I would love to hear from you.

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