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Do you struggle to stick to a healthy routine? Do you find you do relatively OK earlier on in any diet or lifestyle programme and then after a while  all your good intentions go out the window? That’s totally normal. There are lots and lots of simple things  you can do for yourself that can help you  change your habits or help you take up a new behaviour for example a new exercise routine,  getting to bed earlier or eating more vegetables.  As a behaviour change specialist and nutrition and health and wellness coach I work with clients  who want to change their behaviour often for health reasons. I see clients who are diabetic and want to break the sugar habit.  I see women who want to have healthy pregnancies and need to change their eating habits. I see people  who are over weight or obese and want  to end their fight with food.

I encourage clients to put up visual reminders around the house for a  new habit they want to adopt.  Take the example of a client who needs to drink more water.  I get them to put notes on the fridge, near their computer, on their phones or in the car as a constant reminder.  It may sound so simple you would be forgiven for asking yourself what is the point.  It works as it sends messages to the unconscious part of your brain to take note that this is important for you.  Did you know that our long term behaviours are pre-programmed into our brains to happen unconsciously.  For instance – that’s why we can drive for hours and not remember a lot about the journey.  Did you ever try stop and think of the steps needed to do up your shoe laces – I bet if you did you would struggle with it.  In essence we need to be talking to the part of the brain that forms habits. Our unconscious brain is like a 7 year old unruly child that needs constant coaxing. So my tip is start with the reminders and little notes. Start with baby steps.  Change your habits will in turn change your behaviours which will in turn change your diet and lifestyle which will down the road change your long term health outcomes. So imagine one little post it note  can be your very first step to a happier, healthier, longer life! #healthyhabitsmadeeasy

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