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One to One Consultations in Waterford

(Consultations are normally held at 28 Seaview Park,Tramore, Waterford however if required Helen can travel to your home.)

• One to One private dietary consultations conducted in caring, confidential, sensitive, non-judgemental and professional manner
• Body composition analysis using Calliper Measurements, Waist to Hip ratio and BMI
• Analysis of existing diet using Expert Software Tool Nutritics showing diet deficiencies and/or excesses



Step by Step Plans to guide you

• Weekly tracking sheets
• SMART* weekly action steps that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound
• * Our philosophy is small daily/weekly changes in your diet and lifestyle will add up to huge results in the long run.  It is impossible to overhaul your own diet or your family’s diet overnight.


Customised Programmes designed with your needs and goals in mind for 

• Weight Loss programme
• Vitality and Health programme
• Food and Mood programme
• Blood Sugar Balance programme


Customised nutrition and health support pack that you bring home

• Client clinical diet and lifestyle recommendations
• Customised healthy eating plan designed especially for you taking into consideration your cooking skills and culinary likes and dislikes
• Vitamin and mineral supplement recommendations
• Support for meal planning and shopping
• Client fact sheets, information sheets devised by Institute of  Health Sciences


As well as……

• Group classes in healthy eating including cooking demonstrations held in Waterford
• Private grocery shopping consultations with advice on food labelling, additives, super foods and how to use them
• Skype consultations




We specialise in working with busy mums and women over forty  who want to learn to love their bodies again, lose weight, reduce sugar cravings, improve mood and increase energy levels. We love working  with and supporting you on your journey, helping you feel fabulous, renewed, revived and energized. We also have a very special interest in women who have completed treatment for breast cancer and  want to understand more about the power of food in shaping your future health.  Our customised Love4life programme is designed especially for you.

If this is of interest to you or if you have any questions make contact with Helen on the contact us page and Helen will discuss your needs with you.  Click here for customer feedback on Help2health Nutrition.

We do not diagnose, treat or try cure any named condition.  We support the systems that may have caused your condition but we do not treat the condition itself.  We can support for example the nervous system, the digestive system, the musculoskeletal system and the digestive system. We do not eliminate any food groups from the diet. Please contact us for further clarification.