1. Aim to eat most of your food at home choosing mostly wholefoods.
  2. Always have healthy snacks on hand particularly when you are busy and under pressure.

Meal plans
3.Plan meals and snacks in advance.
4.Include healthy protein foods and fats into all meals and snacks for satiety and important nutrients – most clients I see overeat on refined carbs and don’t eat enough protein or fat.
5.Make the healthier choices when eating out – avoid desserts and bread.
6.Be very mindful of weekend overeating or treats – it can undo all your weekday’s efforts.
7.Severely limit or quit alcohol when your energy levels are low, if your mood is low or you are trying to lose weight.

sugar cravings
8.Cut down or if you can cut out refined foods and fast releasing carbs (white bread, pasta, rice, cakes, biscuits, sweets) to help control insulin – the fat burning hormone.
9.Aim for up to 8 portions of vegetables and fruit a day (2 fruit max) for fibre and micro-nutrients.
10.Aim for minimum 7 hours sleep a night.

corporate stress in the workplace

11.Find ways to manage stress in your life – high cortisol inhibits fat loss and dampens your mood

fitness, sport, training and lifestyle concept - group of women with barbells in gym

fitness, sport, training and lifestyle concept – group of women with barbells in gym

12.Exercise at least 180 minutes per week – doing something that you enjoy ensuring that you stick to it. Consistency is key here.

weight loss

13.Stay hydrated – don’t drink your calories.
14.Avoid all picking food, tasting, mindless and unnecessary snacking. These all add up. Eat your 3 meals a day and a couple of small 100 calories snacks if you are hungry.
15.Weight yourself at least once a week if you are trying to lose weight and also keep record of our hip and waist measurements. I often see clients tone up before its reflected on the scales.

16. Keep a food diary to keep tabs on your food intake – very important at the start of any programme – awareness is key.

17. Avoid long spells without food – unless you are intermittent fasting.