Have you ever hopped on the scales two days in a row and noticed the numbers were drastically different?

It is NOT that you gained 3 to 5 pounds overnight. There are soooo many reasons that can impact the number of the scales. Our bodies are so complex and many things effect our weight including our hormones, our stress levels,the type of exercise we are doing – if any, the quality of our sleep, the composition of our gut microbiome, the level of inflammation in our body, our immume system, plus many more. So who said weight loss was simply about calories in and calories out?

Woman legs with scales on isolated background

So rather than been so hard on yourself and beating yourself up when you think you have gained weight overnight, ask yourself the following basic questions…..

What did I eat last night?

When did I last go to the bathroom?

When did my bowels move last?

Do I have a period?

Do I have an upset stomach?

How do my clothes fit?- then you will know if you are bloated or not

What time of the day did you weigh yourself yesterday?

So we are much more than the number on the scales. All it is is a number, nothing else. I used to be defined by that number. Thankfully I am not now. I weight myself about every second day now so I can just keep a track of my weight, for no other reason. My advice to you – be curious if your weight fluctuates a lot, question it and above all be nice to yourself. YOu are sooo much more than a number.