Helen Byrne

Hello, just a few words about me Helen Byrne and how it all began….


My interest in healthy eating started first and foremost with a love for cooking and as a mother of 3 kids, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Growing up at home, all meals were cooked from scratch, we rarely ate processed foods and my mother cooked and baked nutritious wholesome meals.  Thanks Mam. I competed in athletics  at a provincial and national level most of my young adult life so understood the health benefits of routine exercise. In recent years I continued to eat reasonably well or so I thought and I still continue  cardio and weight bearing exercises 4 to 5 times a week.

Move onto to October 2012, shortly after my 44th birthday. I found a lump, went about it and discovered I had stage 3 breast cancer. A year of scans, tests, a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone treatment and cancer related clinical depression left me a bit battered and bruised, but searching nonetheless for answers to my never ending questions.  My research always came back to the importance first and foremost that food plays in the role of nourishing our bodies and protecting us from diet and lifestyle related diseases, such as  certain cancers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  Incredibly 6 months later my husband did not feel 100%, went to the doctor to be diagnosed with prostate cancer at the ripe old age NOT of 47.  You may say we had our share of bad luck.  Or you could say we were gifted with the opportunity to review and make changes to our diet and lifestyle to improve our  health not just for our futures, but also our children’s. We realised that individually we were accountable for our own health and we took back control of our futures.

Helen Byrne

As cancer survivors,  Alan and I have both  been through the Irish health system.  We can both state categorically that we got fantastic care from all the health care providers on our journeys, but we always felt there was a missing link in the chain.  We needed a personal service that educated us on the principles of good nutrition, that was customised to our personal health goals.  We also badly needed  guidance and support on how to put the principles into practice.  And all under the one roof.  I identified that missing link and hence Help2Health Nutrition was born! If you have been through cancer and would benefit from support and guidance from a nutritional expert who has trod that path before and come the  other side a healthier, stronger person, please give me a call.

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This journey ended autumn 2015 when I qualified with distinction from the  Institute of Health Sciences with an industry recognised qualification in Nutrition and Health Coaching.  At a professional level I also hold a Degree in Business  and Languages and  a Certificate in Bilingual Administration (German) both from the Waterford Institute of Technology. I have qualified with a Graduateship in Marketing from the Marketing Institute of Ireland and I have worked 13 years in business management with a leading medical device sales and marketing distributor in Dublin. End of 2018  I will have completed further studies with the IHS for a diploma in Behavioural Change to further guide and support clients through transformation change. I am also a qualified NLP practitioner so I can help clients get over mindset challenges that are preventing them from reaching their health goals.


Luckily for me, this journey is well one the way as I embark on this adventure to educate, guide and support my clients to health @ Help 2 Health NutritionMy future looks very promising, how is yours?


Thank’s for listening and if you have any questions or queries, drop me – Helen Byrne –  a  line in the Contacts Box.

Helen Byrne