Newsflash…You CAN ditch the junk and feel amazing even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. 

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Do you want to join my 5 Day No Sugar challenge. If you find your good habits have gone out the window in these crazy times and need support and accountability to get back on track this free  no sugar challenge is for you. Click here to join today.  I will be on line every day posting pictures, recipes, answering quesions, giving great tips and support when you need it most. Starts Tuesday the 9th of February 2021 


Well hello there!

I’mHelen Byrne Helen Byrne, NAT DIP, MII GRAD, DC IHS

and I am passionate about helping women like you feel the best you can possibly be so you can live the life that you truly want and deserve. 

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Simply click on the image and join the tribe today  – our Free Online Community. This is a great place to connect, learn, share and surround yourself with an informal, community of like-minded people who share your desire to make and maintain the healthy choices in your every day life. Women Supporting Women!  

Do you find it hard to get off the sugar? Do cravings get in your way of making the healthier food choices? Take part in my 5 day free challenge #ditchthejunk that will get you back on track and boost your mood and energy.

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Welcome to Help2health Nutrition


Nutrition Help

Help2health Nutrition is a nutrition and health consulting service serving Waterford and the South East.  I run one to one nutrition and health  consultations, group consultations and on line programmes for women who want to make lasting changes to their diet and lifestyle.  I look at what you eat, how you eat, when you eat and importantly why you eat.  I look at how you move, how you think, how you sleep. I discuss your health goals. I help you discover the underlying  reasons why you want to change your diet and lifestyle and I help you stay connected to these reasons.  I help you identify the barriers that are getting in your way. I guide and support you  in co-creating step by step customised plans to help you adopt healthy habits that will stay with your forever. No diets or fads, just real food for real people.

How can I help you?


Nutrition Advisor

If you really want to make changes to your current diet and lifestyle, but feel a lack of the basic knowledge of nutrition, coupled with a lack of support, guidance and inspiration is holding you back, I can help you.

I get it – we are actually bombarded with a huge volume of information and from so many sources, about what we should and should not be eating, about this probiotic, that protein powder, this new diet, that new book –  it is mind boggling!

I focus on educating and informing you on the principles of good nutrition – the right information.  I will also give you practical support and guidance in putting these principles into practise in your daily life.  I don’t leave you high and dry with an A4 page of recommendations.

I specialise in working with women


Nutritional Advice

I specialise in working with busy mums and women over thirty five who want to love their bodies again and lose weight, reduce sugar cravings, improve mood and increase energy levels. I guide and support women on their journey to feeling fabulous, renewed, revived and energized. I also have a very special interest in women who have completed treatment for cancer and  want to understand more about the power of food in shaping your future health.  My customised Love4life programme is designed especially for you.

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40 days to no more cravings

              My Goal is to ….

EDUCATE you on the basic principles of good nutrition and secondly, the most difficult part for  most of us, to GUIDE, SUPPORT & INSPIRE you in translating these principles into action.

               My Vision is to …. 

Educate, guide, Support, Inspire to a happier healthier you in  a caring, confidential, sensitive, non-judgemental and professional manner.  I am committed to providing you with excellent client care and I am committed to quality in everything I do.

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