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Alleyn Pheasey, July, 2022

Attending Helen was one of the best choices I’ve made in life

In less than four months I lost three stone, my energy levels have noticeably risen and a lot of aches and pains have all but disappeared.

What seemed impossible last April has now  come to fruition. Without Helen’s guidance and knowledge I couldn’t have achieved what I did.

Her understanding of nutrition and diet made it all happen. Attending Helen was one of the best choices I’ve made in life.

Thank you Helen.

Frances, Dungarvan, June, 2022

Helen is just fantastic!

Helen was just fantastic – she was a great help to me. I joined up with Helen 18 months ago. She coached me on my weight loss journey and step by step went through everything with me.  She guided me to a healthy way of living – from food to daily exercise. I have lost a total of 5 stone working with Helen.  It was such a pleasure to have found Helen and I would highly recommend Helen’s weight loss programme to anyone – 5 stars all the way.


Paul, Ballygunner, September, 2021

I am delighted to be back to my pre covid weight again

I am 42 years old and over the last 2 years my weight gradually increased. I came to Helen the heaviest I have ever been. I had gotten into a few bad habits – snacking in the evening time and ordering take-aways and not cooking meals. Helen’s programme gave me the focus I needed.  I was also eating foods to be honest which I thought were healthy.  She made a plan for me and we set some goals. The consultations and constant check ins kept me on track. I have lost a total of 17 pounds over 12 weeks and I am delighted to be back to my pre covid weight again.  Her programme is unique and we just clicked and got the job done! I would  highly recommend Helen – I would not have done it without her.

Mary, Co. Kilkenny, July 2021 

To anyone reading this who might be trying to find the courage to make that first call. All I can say is please do.

A very big thank you  Helen for all your kindness, support and encouragement over the past months. I started my journey with you last September 2020. From our first chat over the phone you showed me great kindness and above all listened and heard me. I have always struggled with my weight and have lost and gained many times through different efforts over the past years. I was in a low place and confidence and self-esteem on the floor. It was time to approach it differently. You helped me set goals at each consultation, listened to what worked or didn’t for that week, always supplied as much information or at times as little as was needed at that particular time. You LISTENED!! There was never any pressure from you, only gentle encouragement that the goals I set could and would be reached. (Especially when I doubted myself you had that belief in me).

One of main aims at the start of my journey with you was to lose weight but to look at the big picture. I wanted to have the great level of health and fitness that both my Parents are enjoying now in their mid-eighties. I have lost three and half stone, increased my energy and fitness levels and learned not only about nutrition but also about myself.

As someone who battles at times with my mental health. I can really see how a good healthy diet is so beneficial to how I feel and manage stress. I have another half stone to go and look forward to reaching that goal. I will always have to be mindful of my weight and it will be something that I will do on a day to day basis. I have learned a lot about nutrition, about myself and I am very grateful to you for all that. I know that I can pick up the phone to you when and if I need to and have gained a friend along the way.

To anyone reading this who might be trying to find the courage to make that first call. All I can say is please do. I guarantee you’ll be met with a lovely kind heart-warming woman who will celebrate the highs and more importantly is there with you when things get tough. She will provide you with all the information you need in a simple and easy to manage way that suits your way of life.

Thanks again Helen and look forward to speaking to you in August.

John, Dunmore East, May 2021 

I would definitely recommend Helen as I exceeded what I wanted to achieve with small effort.

I contacted Helen hoping to do something about poor eating habits, bad diet and excess weight. Within 4 weeks I achieved the first two and the latter within 6 weeks. It was not difficult with Helen’s assistance and surprisingly only required small changes. I also now have the understanding of nutrition to make the correct food choices and not get confused by food labels from here on. I tried a few different ways of dealing with my poor eating habits, bad diet and excess weigh in the past and only finally achieved my goals by contacting Helen. There was nothing but encouragement and material sent by email if needed when things weren’t going as well as planned. I would definitely recommend Helen as I exceeded what I wanted to achieve with small effort.

Kay, Kilkenny, May 2021 

I can’t recommend Helen enough

Just want to say a big thank you for putting me on the right track in relation to lowering my cholesterol, dropping 0.7 in 3 months & also losing a few stubborn pounds in the process . It’s still a work in progress but I know now thanks to you, the huge role sugar has to play in this & while I’m not promising to give up sugar completely, I’m more aware of its impact & can eat healthily most of the time. I enjoy my dinner plate half full of vegetables  & will experiment more with interesting salads etc for Summer. I really found your recipes both sweet & savoury, a huge bonus & love to experiment with new ideas, keep them coming!! I can’t recommend Helen enough, she is always there to listen to my woes & offer words of encouragement & compromise. Thanks again

Josie Morrissey, Waterford,  April 2021

I have lost over a stone and a half while being on Helen’s plan

My name is Josie Morrissey. I came to Helen back in November 2020 trying to lose weight. I have done many diets over the years but couldn’t find anything to suit me. Helen tailored a nutrition plan for me and encouraged me to exercise and walk daily.

I now have more energy in the evening and have learned about nutrition and my own health. I have lost over a stone and a half while being on Helen’s plan and I now feel great! I found Helen to be very encouraging and supportive throughout my time with her and recommend her to anybody looking for a nutrition and health coach. Josie x

Pauline Kirwan, Waterford, April 2021

 I would highly recommend Helen to anyone looking for one to one support

The reason I went to Helen was because I wanted to be a healthy weight as I age. I am now in my 60s.  I wanted to be healthier and get fit again. I also needed to learn how to stop my night time eating, which was turning into a big problem for me. I asked Helen for advice on healthy snacks and portion sizes. Helen was a great support for me. She is a lovely person. She knows a lot about nutrition and healthy eating and was very supportive. She gave me a lot of information and encouragement to reach my goals. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone looking for one to one support.

Maria, Waterford, March 2021

Helen is a great Coach

I arrived to Helen feeling I couldn’t lose weight. I guess I was eating well 4 days out of 7 which was maintaining my weight rather than losing any.

I told her I needed to be accountable 7 days a week. We devised a plan together each session. I liked the 10 day interval between visits, a bit of breathing space.

I found Helen to be a great listener and coach.She worked very well with my specific issues.She gave me great advice on food choices, reduction of sugars in my diet and wiggle room with alcohol.

She also encouraged me to track steps as I like to walk. I went further as the time went along and I completed my first 5k jog/run in Feb. I do this once a week now.

Helen has been incredibly encouraging at every visit especially through the tricky weeks of December. I put up a few pounds over Christmas , she helped me get these off again in January..That was a great learning curve for the future.

I have lost 24lbs and I feel so much better for it. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Helen.

Gabriel, Waterford, January, 2021

I managed to lose weight without feeling deprived

I have had a problem with my weight since the menopause and had put on extra weight during the first lockdown. My son is due to marry next September and I was keen to get my weight down before going dress shopping. A friend told me about Helen and I liked the sound of Helen’s approach.

Previously, when I had dieted, I had felt deprived and found that, when I lost weight, I quickly put it back on as the diet was unsustainable. That was not the case with Helen’s method. Her approach is holistic, the plan was customized to suit the individual. In my case, I love to cook nice meals and Helen showed me that I could still enjoy good food while tweaking a few elements. She encouraged me to cut out sugar, which was surprisingly easy. I thought that I would need to cut out alcohol altogether but now I really look forward to sharing a bottle of red wine one night per week and I feel much better for it. She suggested that I introduce nuts and seeds into my diet, including them in smoothies, which I now have regularly.

I have always been reasonably fit but Helen made suggestions to increase my exercise, which I have done and I am now feeling fitter than ever. I had my bloods taken recently and all my results were excellent, including my cholesterol level which had previously been very high.

I lost a total of 18 pounds in 12 weeks, my clothes all look so much better and I am now looking forward to dress shopping for a wedding outfit! I can highly recommend Helen’s health coaching and am grateful to her for the success I have achieved.

Ann, Waterford April 2020

I can maintain my new found diet and lifestyle without syns or points frustrating me.

My name is Ann and I am one of those people prone to putting on weight.  I tried many different methods over the years to try and lose the weight without much success. I went from one slimming class to another. I  made contact with Helen from Help2health Nutrition. I had been reading her posts and eventually signed up to her on line weight loss energy programme in January. I did 6 weeks and renwed for another 6 weeks. I got great guidance from Helen and also from my family.

With Helen’s advice and encouragement I developed a much more holistic approach to losing weight. By following Helen’s advice and daily one to one support I have become a  much healthier person.  I have much greater energy levels. I find I have much more self confidence.  I can maintain my new found diet and lifestyle without syns or points frustrating me.  In 12 weeks I have lost one stone and 4 lbs. The best things is that I have continued to lose weight after the 12 weeks applying the new skills and daily habits. I would strongly recommend Helen.


Suzanne, Waterford, January 2020

The medical staff in the hospital were fabulous but I got little help on nutrition after cancer.

I came out the other side of breast cancer treatment in September 2019 and I went looking for advice around diet and cancer.  The medical staff in the hospital were fabulous but I got little help on nutrition after cancer. My diet up to then was not great and I am a fussy eater. A friend of mine recommended Helen. Helen put me at ease from the minute I spoke to her. She is very knowledgeable. She is patient and kept things simple. We put a plan in place that I could follow without overwhelming me. It was a relief to talk to someone who has also gone through cancer. I saw Helen 3 times face to face and twice we did consultations over the phone as some days I was tired. I am now eating a wider variety of foods surprisingly without any major struggle.   Helen gave me recipes to follow and a weekly lifestyle plan. I have also cut down on sugar as I had no idea up now how much sugar I ate. I also had no idea of the links between foods, hormones, stress and cancer. We added in a few supplements Helen felt I needed.  I now see food differently. Thanks so much Helen I am grateful I made contact with you when I needed it most.

John Walsh, County Waterford March 2019 

  My doctor was astonished with the blood results and wanted to know what I had done

I went to Helen Mid-September 2018. I am in my early 60’s and I was just diagnosed with diabetes that week and I arrived at Helen’s clinic the following day!  I was overweight. My energy levels were on the floor. I needed someone to motivate me to get in the right frame of mind. I know I had to start taking my health more seriously – something which I had put on the long finger. Being diagnosed with diabetes was a huge wake up call for me.  I needed to be held accountable and I needed guidelines that I could follow each week. I wanted a kind of plan that was sustainable for me and that fitted around my life but it had to include foods that I would eat as I like plain foods. I had lost weight in the past but never seemed to be able to keep it off. So I suppose I knew deep down I could not tackle this on my own.  I work well to goals.

At the first session we spoke ways that my life would change and what I would gain by losing weight, which was a good starting point. I wanted to be able to run without getting out of breath all the time. I train kids in football and keep up with the kids on the pitch was a huge effort.

So we started with my diet. I cut out most sugary foods, white bread, fizzy drinks, which I used to drink and I cut down on the alcohol. We put an exercise plan in place and I discovered a love for walking. I started cooking more meals from scratch, nothing too fancy just basic foods and I started making healthier choices when eating out. Every week I lost weight. Some weeks more than others. I even managed to go away on holidays and lose weight, which I put down to the healthy habits I had created over time. So in 4 months I have lost just over 30 pounds and I am continuing to lose weight.

I went back to the doctor at the end of January. My cholesterol is down from 5.7 to 4.2, my blood pressure is perfect and my blood sugars are down from 60+ to 40.  My doctor was astonished with the blood results and wanted to know what I had done. He advised me to keep doing what I was doing. I will be back to doctor in May with a view to potentially lowering the dose of my diabetes medication. So anyone with diabetes I would say get the professional help to change your diet so you can get your energy and vitality back and start living again.

I found Helen to be very supportive, professional and genuine. She understood me and continually motivated me on. If I had tried to do this on my own without Helen’s support I would not be where I am today. My life has changed completely. I have so much more energy. I much more motivated. I can now set my own goals and stay focused. I look forward to getting up now and getting on with my life. I would recommend Helen in a heartbeat.

 Rebecca, Tramore June 2018

I have made many permanent lifestyle changes thanks to Helen’s unique way of helping me implement them.

I made Facebook contact with Helen whilst I was on holidays in Spain.  I did not feel good about myself and had enough of feeling unhappy, bloated and unfit.  On my first consultation with Helen I knew she was the right person to help me on my new journey to a better lifestyle.  She is a great peoples person and has genuine empathy and a strong will to help without being pushy.   Over the weeks on the nutrition side Helen explained in simple terms the effects different products had on our bodies in particular sugar.  I cut down on sugar by eating less processed foods with amazing results.  I wasn’t hungry and was feeling better than I had in years both physically and mentally.  Simple food changes happened that will stay with me forever.  An example of this was me buying a smoothie maker and breakfast went from a bowl of sugary cereal to a delicious smoothie made with milk, peanut butter, banana, oats and kemp seeds that now keep me fuelled right up to  lunchtime.

On the physical side I always wanted to run but didn’t have the self belief that I could.  Helen challenged me here and we initially set up small goals accumulating over time to bigger ones.  I have since ran four official races from 5k to a quarter marathon with more in the pipeline.  This is a lifetime gift that Helen helped me achieve that is priceless.  The feeling when I run is unreal plus it’s the best medicine for your mental health.

In summary engaging with Helen has been one of the best things I have ever done to empower me.  She has a wealth of knowledge in her area.   I like the fact she looks at the whole person and you both decide on a tailor made program that is overseen weekly be Helen.  Everyone should have a Helen in their life. Help2Health Nutrition is aptly named that’s for sure.

 Jacintha, Galway

Helen’s approach is a unique one of motivation, encouragement and empathy

I am so grateful to Helen for kick starting my love of food and cooking. I always saw food as a chore and grabbed whatever was handy. I work long hours and travel quite a bit. I started the 40 day no cravings Programme with Helen and was amazed when she didn’t even mention food on our first session. It was all about habits and I had developed these little habits that were affecting my diet and energy levels, like a quick hot chocolate or a protein bar for lunch. I knew what I had to do, but just couldn’t get myself organised to prep or follow a routine. Helen completely changed my way of thinking about food and instead of thinking of it as simply food, I thought of it as nourishment. I started looking at fresh food and vegetables again, every time I walked passed coffee shops I refrained, I had created a new habit. It was all about bringing preparation back into my life. As soon as I walked into a restaurant I thought of Helen and I also started cooking again at home which was a joy. Her advice was so practical, her tips genuine and suitable to my long hours and fast paced lifestyle. Her nutrition guides and fact sheets were brilliant, to the point and powdful.  I work in the well being industry and have met lots of nutritionists and dietitians.  Helen’s approach is a unique one of motivation, encouragement and empathy. She is extremely knowledgeable and also flexible to your lifestyle needs at the same time placing new lifestyle changes of priority, which you see a difference with after week 1. I began to feel more energetic, look forward to meal times and I still continue to use her advice and tips. I have not only kept my weight down, I feel brighter, lighter and happier. I would highly recommend Helen for coaching, it changed my life in many ways.

Catherine, Waterford City

I would strongly recommend Helen.

I completed the 40 days to no more sugar cravings programme and found it extremely beneficial.  Prior to commencing the programme I felt tired, my mood was low and I had a disrupted sleep pattern.   Now thanks to Helen my awareness of how I am fuelling my body, which nourishes me mentally and physically and her advise around stress management and exercise has me now sleeping the whole night through without wakening.  I do not feel as sluggish since reducing the sugar consumption and I have also reintroduced exercise which leads to a sense of well being.  These changes would not have been possible were it not for the guidance and support of Helen.

If you are considering going to Helen just make that appointment and go!  Your body and mind will thank you for it!

Maurice O’Brien, President Irish Dental Association

 Helen was an engaging speaker and very professional in her approach to her subject

As president for the south east branch of the Irish Dental Association I asked Helen to do a presentation on Mindfulness at our annual scientific meeting in Kilkenny on 23rd Feb 2018.  Helen gave a talk on health and wellness, a journey of conscious choice, personal responsibility and self-directed care

The feeling from the members present was that Helen was an engaging speaker very professional in her approach to her subject and obviously passionate about her field of work. We found her topic interesting and would be happy to recommend helen to others for speaking events.

Colette,  Stradbally, Co. Waterford

Colette recently completed my 35 day healthy habits programme.

I met Helen through a small focus group in Stradbally. I joined with a view to losing weight and mostly to try and find some motivation. I have been overweight most of my adult life and had always had limited success with weight loss groups, but would always “fall off the wagon” and put the weight back on again. Through Helen’s group I learned that food is a small part of the lifestyle change required to have a successful weight loss and to have the ability to maintain it. I now look at food in a whole new light and for the first time ever I eat really well and never feel hungry!! My portion sizes have changed, I eat mostly whole foods and I stop eating when Im full. I now see food as my body’s energy source and not as a feel good factor or psychological crutch. My hair is shining, my skin is glowing and I have lost nearly 2 stone in the last 2 months. I have renewed my love of exercise and am now running 5kms and cycling 30km!! My family love the new energetic me and we all enjoy a balanced diet together. I can’t thank Helen enough for the new found love for life I have found and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for a balance in life regarding health, nutrition and energy!!


S McGrath, Tramore, Co. Waterford

Helen introduced little steps into my lifestyle and each of these steps have helped me to transform my life

Over the years I tried every diet under the sun and always ended up back where I started, zero energy, constantly tired and always craving sweet things. Coffee was my best friend.

After speaking briefly with Helen we decided that her “40 days to no sugar” program would suit my needs. During the consultations I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and health. She makes the program very personable and is such an expert on so many areas of nutrition.  I was also impressed with the amount and quality of client support sheets, recommendations and facts sheets which I continue to refer to most days.  My personal nutrition and lifestyle handbook.

Helen introduced little steps into my lifestyle and each of these steps have helped me to transform my life, balance my blood sugars and stopped my cravings for coffee.  I no longer only look for the weight loss but at the bigger picture and the long term effect on my life.  Helen has not only changed my left but changed the life of my family.

I would highly recommend Helen to anyone

Susan,  June 2017

I will have no hesitation in returning to Helen and having her tailor a further programme for me.

After following Helen’s Help2health Facebook page and joining her online group, I really liked what I saw there and felt that Helen could definitely help me in some way – the problem was I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for help with. I had a vague notion that I wanted to ‘lose a few pounds’ and that I ‘wanted to be healthier’ – and that’s all I could give Helen to work with at my initial consultation. Very quickly after completing my pre-programme analysis, Helen helped me to identify very clear goals for my 40-day programme which had less to do with weight loss and more to do with a serious lack of nutrition in my diet, along with identifying the causes (and problems) of that and proposing various solutions to address these issues. Together we agreed my initial action steps, which were brilliantly supported my lots of relevant information sheets from Helen and a weekly tracking sheet which I had to complete for her. This enabled me to monitor my own progress and helped me become accountable for my actions – or lack of actions!

Helen was available at any time if I needed any help or guidance and she proactively kept in touch with me between consultations to make sure I was keeping on track. I have come away from the programme with a completely new focus on health and nutrition which I am now actively trying to implement in my daily routines. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough – her knowledge and expertise in this area is second to none. In the future, if I need further support in this area or simply feel I need to get myself back on track, I will have no hesitation in returning to Helen and having her tailor a further programme for me. Thank you Helen! Susan, Tramore

 Workout with Martina

Helen is so natural and approachable

help2health nutrition

Workout with Martina had Helen out to Activate recently to give our ladies a talk on nutrition.  Helen is so natural , approachable and with a lifetime interest in sport she was the perfect nutrition coach for us. Her talk was informative, positive, easy to understand but most of all realistic!! The advice we got from our information evening was all good.  It included changes to our everyday eating that were easy to change, some things we already knew but needed to hear again and some we did not know .  Helen is superb at what she does and I would highly recommended her for any group nutrition talk or workshop.  Martina Fanning, Fitness Coach and Owner of Workout with Martina

Grace, April 2017

Helen Knows what she is talking about

Helen was great, I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose but wanted to change my eating habits and improve my energy levels.  Helen made me realise that I didn’t need to beat myself up about what the scales said or my calorie intake but to concentrate on how I felt.  We talked about healthy food alternatives, you don’t need to deprive yourself just be sensible in your food choices and meal planning. Obtainable weekly goals were set for food shopping and meal planning and also exercise targets, Helen was there to offer advice and encouragement all the way. The supporting literature was very informative, Helen knows what she is talking about. Thank you for everything Helen. Grace, Tramore

Catherine, March 2017

working with Helen was a revelation

Working with Helen was a bit of a revelation, because I thought I was already well informed about “good” and “bad“ food and eating habits, and the “right” way to lose weight!! She asked for full details of my eating patterns, asking me to keep food diaries. She advised about portion sizes and food combinations, such as the combination of carbs, fat and protein. Some of the suggestions were new to me, but opened some interesting new eating habits………. I find now I am never really hungry, I enjoy my food, and I don’t have those awful sugar slumps and cravings in the middle of the afternoon!! I am also much better at drinking my water, it has become established as a good habit at last!! I am more adventurous with food, my mood and sleep patterns have greatly improved… and I have lost that nagging stone weight that was always so hard to shift!! I feel better, and as a result my confidence has increased and I enjoy my clothes more!

Helen is extremely professional in her approach, is calm and unhurried at each consultation, and really knows her stuff! She takes a real and personal interest in your progress and each small achievement along the way, and is very encouraging and supportive.

I feel that everything she has taught me will stay with me, and I also believe that she is there with advice if I ever need it. Thank you, Helen!! Catherine, Waterford City

Patricia, January 2017

Helen has changed my life

Helen has changed my life. Not only do I feel so much better about myself and have bounds of energy, people can’t stop saying I look fabulous and they remark on the huge difference Helen has made for me. At my sister’s recent wedding, I was bombarded with compliments on how I looked, and I spent the whole night up and dancing with my family. My sleeping, mood, personality, and confidence have skyrocketed. I cannot thank Helen enough for what she has done for me. Patricia, Co. Waterford

Joanne,  September 2016

Helen has kept in contact with me after the final consultation to ensure I am still on track.

I used to think I ate quite healthily but it was only since I started the one to one consultations with Helen that I realised all the bad habits I had and how they were affecting my energy levels and my moods on a day to day basis.  I totally underestimated how much the food I ate was affecting every aspect of my life. Since I took on board Helen’s advice I have seen a real difference to my health and quality of life. Helen’s attention to detail is excellent.  She is very professional in her approach, a great motivator and she was genuinely interested in helping me achieve my health goals. Helen has kept in contact with me after the final consultation to ensure I am still on track.  I have no hesitation in recommending Helen to anyone who wants to make real, long lasting and positive changes in their health. Joanne Power, Dunmore East, Waterford

Laura,  July 2016.

I wish to thank Helen from help2health for making such a difference to my health and well being

I wish to thank Helen from help2health for making such a difference to my health and well being. Before I contacted Helen I was at war with food, I analysed everything I ate, I was constantly trying to lose weight but the battle was in my head rather than being productive as I didn’t have the support or tools to succeed. There was a constant feeling of guilt around food and with so much conflicting advice out there I didn’t know what way to turn.

I have always had what I considered a relatively healthy diet but my habits and routine were all wrong, I was constantly hungry. Helen started from basics with me and we analysed my existing daily diet, sleep pattern, stress levels and exercise regime. I say we because my 3 months with Helen was always both of us working together rather than her telling me what to do and what not to do. I learnt so much about the importance of what you eat rather than how much and the combination of carbohydrates, fat and protein at each meal and snack. I am no longer afraid of ‘good’ fat and can honestly say I am no longer hungry all the time. I enjoy my food so much more now and don’t question everything I put in my mouth.

I have lost 17 lbs and have never felt better, not only am I gone down a dress size but I have more energy, my skin is better and my head is no longer consumed with thoughts of food and exercise and what I could do to feel more like myself. I am now lighter than the day I got married which was 7 years ago and pre 2 children. I think that sums up what Helen has done for me and how grateful I am to her for her teaching and support. She was so understanding and calm and never made it difficult. I know I have made changes for life and it won’t be difficult to maintain or possibly even lose some more!! Thanks again Helen. Laura Molloy, Waterford City

Suzanne Laurie, 2016

Helen was academically very strong

Everyone who worked with Helen whilst she was studying at Institute of Health Sciences, found her to be very positive in her contributions to lecture weekends, always giving 100% and going that extra mile. She was academically very strong and did particularly well in her case studies,demonstrating great ability to reflect and progress with each case study submission which she truly used as an opportunity to learn.  Suzanne Laurie, Director, Institute of Health Sciences

John,  June 2016

Helen highlighted for me the importance of eating properly balanced meals

After years of yo yo dieting  and unhealthy eating, I finally decided to set some health goals to lose weight, increase my energy levels and to stop eating sugar.  Helen highlighted for me the importance of eating properly balanced meals and showed me how my food choices impact my energy levels .  I am now eating lots of fresh food, including a large variety of fruit and vegetables.  For the first time ever, I am eating a proper breakfast, which used to be a quick slice of toast and a cup of tea running out the door.  Helen has helped me with meal planning and shopping as we identified during our consultations this was key to me reaching my health goals.”   John, 61, Portlaw

Ann, May 2016

Helen took her time explaining everything I needed to know

I have found all the consultations with Helen very helpful. She has changed my way of thinking about food by educating me about the right foods to eat. I now understand the importance of variety and balance when planning meals. I was in the habit of eating the same foods all the time and I was stuck in a rut and did not know where to start. Helen took her time explaining everything I needed to know. Her information packs are very informative and her meal plans are designed specifically with the foods I enjoy.  I wish her the very best in her new career…….  good luck Helen.  Ann,  Waterford

Nina,  April 2016

 She is compassionate and considerate and her advice comes in the form of changes that are doable for anyone.

I’d like to write a few words on Helen and how she helped me on my weight loss journey.  First of all with Helen what you see is what you get, a friendly face. She is compassionate and considerate and her advice comes in the form of changes that are doable for anyone.  Every week sees a new piece of advice which is practical, sustainable and adjustable to everyone’s lifestyle. No topic is off limits and confidentiality is assured.  Things that have helped me are the apple cider vinegar, eating a  proper balanced breakfast and  realising that fruits are still a source of sugar and that I need to watch my intake.  The list of high sugar fruits was very enlightening! I’ve gone on to lose 4 more pounds since operation transformation ended and I am almost at 12 stone whereas my personal previous target was 12 and 1/2 stone so I hope to keep going and get into the 11 stone!  Who’d have thought!!! Nina, Stradbally, Co Waterford

Alan, April 2016

 I would highly recommend Helen and Help2health Nutrition

Helen was a great help to me and all the leaders at operation transformation.  Every week she kept giving us ideas to try and balance our blood sugars. Her recipes were great and kept us motivated every week in setting targets for us. It has been a great 8 weeks.  Thank you very much for your help. I lost  a total of  26.5 lbs over the 8 weeks.

I would highly recommend Helen and Help2health Nutrition.  Alan, Stradbally, Co Waterford

Elaine, April 2016

Helen took the time to analyse our food diaries and was a constant motivator.

operation transformationAs a leader of this year’s operation transformation in Stradbally and having the opportunity to get advice and guidance from Helen was a great experience.  Helen took the time to analyse our food diaries and was a constant motivator.  She helped me understand the importance of making a realistic changes and thought me that variety is key if I was to succeed with my weight loss journey.  I am down a total of 27.5lb over the course of operation transformation and I  have lost 2.5 inches from my waist and 4 inches from my hip. s Although Operation Transformation was only run for a period of 8 weeks, I would absolutely recommend Help2health Nutrition as Helen was a great support to all of the leaders in operation transformation.        Elaine, Stradbally, Co Waterford

Roger, April 2016

  I feel happier, healthier,  more energetic than I have in years and am sleeping better and my diet is balanced

Operation TransformationAt the start I had a very simple view on dieting, it was eat less and exercise more, but what I found was that I was hungry all the time.  But with Helen’s help and advice I am eating healthier and I am not hungry.  I now eat a breakfast every day within an half hour of getting up and this sets me up for the day. When I expressed concerns about feeling bloated Helen advised me to try apple cider vinegar with warm water and this has been a relevation for me.  I feel happier, healthier,  more energetic than I have in years and am sleeping better and my diet is balanced.  I can’t thank you enough for your help. I have lost 22 pounds in 8 weeks and I feel that I could lose more. Thanks for everything. Roger, Stradbally, Co Waterford